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Life Post 2011

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Slumgothic LTD – Formative years spent developing opinions, views and style. Band practice. STAP Meetings. X-24. Gigs. Reuben. Paella. COLD. Art Shed. Collage. Exhibitions. Cardinal/Youth. Big Cat Little Cat. Parks of Bathgate. Every Jason Statham film released before 2014. Practice in the dome. Oscar’s Wine Bar Friday 13th . Ambler. Shemwell. Chapter 2. Soundspiral. End of Ends. Uni. Rutczynski. Pho. Paragon. Deano. Soul. Crate Digging. Sampling. Diesel. Ale. Battle of the Blocks. Piccadilly line. Boston Manor. Park Inn. Risto. Jay Patel. SMR. Kartik. Late Night Lobster Hunt. Leslie. DW

Northfields. Dinosaurs. Bluebells. Amanda. Parties. Parties. Fifa. Bagel and Shake. Bang Bang. Umtiti. Parties. Yeah nah. Millbank Tower. Ealing Jazz Festival – Tony Allen. Mango Juice Records. April 20th Hyde Park. South Ealing. Maximum Dickhead. Basquiat. Balcony. Lovebox. Mobike. K. Fashion Shit. Lo Fi. Beats. Financial difficulties. Freedom. Sokka Gakkai. St George’s Garden. Russell Square. Goodwood. Shitty Cafe. West Ham. Music Journalism. Winter Wonderland. 11 stiches. ENO. Fujica st750. Jungle bike. Meditation. Tavistock Place. Snappy Snaps (Crappy Snaps). Coliseum. Opera. Coffee. Estefan. Hemingway. Covent Garden. Benugo. Espanola e Italiana. The Corner opposite The Marquee’s. Iceman. Mo. Lift Lady. G-Town. Another Maximum Dickhead. Skyrim. Meat free. Family. Travelodge. Cups. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Amazon. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Van. South Shields. Why Aye. Eee. National Trust. Art. Art. Art. Art. Art. A Rabbit. Art. Art. Art.

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